Breathe-3DP, LLC is a materials developer and manufacturer based in Bristol, Virginia. Our parent company, Universal Fibers, has been a pioneer since its birth in 1969. The first to build a business based on putting colorants and additives into the melt during Nylon fiber formation. The first to add paint pigments into automotive flooring to resist UV fade. We all have “aha” experiences throughout our lives. Companies do also. It was this search that in mid-2014 led to the “aha” that has become Breathe-3DP. It was a realization immediately followed by a question.

Additive manufacturing is a disruptive technology – so much so that it’s difficult to predict the full impacts and effects it will have on manufacturing – which is making, on a larger scale. The question was simply that since Universal Fibers has a wealth of knowledge about what makes a wide range of fibers and polymers perform, wouldn’t that offer unique insights and leapfrog benefits to 3DP materials. The answer is “Of course!” – and so began our journey of bringing products to market.

We’re not about offering a dozen products instantly just to fill a portfolio. We’re committed to the community, to fulfilling its material needs, to assist in solving its problems and to always giving back.

advancing 3d printing through material science

Functional Filaments

Filaments designed from the start to accomplish specific performance goals.

We’re Printability Experts

We know 3D printing “inside and out”, and our expertise helps your prints be more successful, more of the time.

Fairly Priced

Accuracy and innovation at a fair price. Our filament is highly competitive, delivers exceptional value, and is trustworthy from batch to batch.

Easy to Print

We run all our materials through a 3-step process to confirm it makes great filament, makes great prints, and has great performance qualities.

The Quality Policy of BREATHE-3DP is as follows:

Breathe-3DP is committed to providing additive manufacturers worldwide with functional feedstocks of excellent quality. Acknowledging the rapid pace of market and technology change, Breathe-3DP is likewise committed to continual improvement, realized in product offering, quality and customer satisfaction. Breathe-3DP will evaluate risk as part of its decision-making and activities while remaining committed to compliance with all applicable requirements.